Bienvenidos a México!

Hi Everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer, and many thanks to Mackenzie for making the blog.  Although I am not able to update you with any swimming news, I am enjoying Oaxaca, Mexico.  This summer I am a project supervisor for  Amigos de las Americas, a non-profit, volunteer organization, that works to empower young leaders, enhance  community development, and increase multicultural understanding in the Americas.  I will be supervising volunteers in four communities of the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca, Mexico.  All four of my communities will be working with Servicios de Salud, a government agency in Mexico that works to promote community health.

Last week I spent the night in each of my four communities.  While I was there I met with community members to explain AMIGOS, find out information about the communities, look for housing and food arrangements for the volunteers, and talk about community goal for the program.  Needless to say, it was a busy week.  I really enjoyed spending time in the mountain communities, and I even was able to get in a “swim”in a river.  These small communities are filled with potential, and I cannot wait for the volunteers to arrive.  That being said, I am now busy doing loads of paper work before the volunteers arrive on Tuesday.  The summer seems to being going fast already.

Hopefully all this hiking will keep me in shape for swim season!





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2 responses to “Bienvenidos a México!

  1. Christine

    Hi to the both of you!

    How do I get email notification of posts?

    Expect something in the mail in a few days-week…depending where you are 🙂


    ps. Mac–need your mailing address–Emma–you sent me yours already a month or so ago? is that the same?

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