More Swimming Fun!

Hey friends, here’s the second installment in Mackenzie’s swimming adventures. Enjoy!

As I mentioned before, I’ve been training with my club team, the Yawama Dragons, since I got home nearly two months ago. Last weekend, I competed in the Eugene Summer Open in the 50, 200, 400, 800, and 1500 meter freestyle and 100 meter butterfly. Again, not quite back up to speed with my races, but I did manage to secure best times in five of my six swims. The CATCH: I’ve had those times since I was twelve (which was the last time I swam competitively in Long Course). Regardless, best times are best times and I’m having a blast swimming against girls half my age…

I have also started looking at doing some open water swims before I return to school this fall. The most promising is looking to be a swim called RiverFest, a new event being held in the Willamette River in Portland. The course is 11.67 miles long, and can be swum individually or in teams. The swim is August 20th, which leaves me a couple months to get back to top endurance for what should be a challenging swim. Check it out here!

Doubles started this week, so I’ve been spending my mornings in the water and my afternoons running some large hills. We have also started a lovely little ab workout called “Ab  Ripper X”. If that sounds like death, it is. I have found I can’t walk properly due to extreme soreness…

I’m missing my dear Bananas, but I’m incredibly excited to see ‘Cupcake’  in Breckenridge, CO in a few weeks when I’m there for a family reunion!

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2 responses to “More Swimming Fun!

  1. Shanny

    ha ha ha!! The Ab Ripper X! We will soon have six packs 😉 And just in time for swimsuit season. Oh wait… that’s year round for us

  2. Cupcake

    The Rocky Mountain state looks forward to you joining us here!

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