Happy Fourth of July!

Updates from Oaxaca:

First of all Happy Fourth of July! I hope that you are all enjoying sunny weather and festive cookouts.

Everything is going well in Mexico.  The volunteers have been here for almost four weeks, and all of the projects are underway.  Through the process of holding community meetings and consulting our partner agency, Servicios de Salud de Oaxaca, all four of my communities have decided to construct estufas patsaris.  These stoves have chimneys to help reduce the amount of smoke inhaled by women cooking and family members.  Each community is supporting the construction of about twelve stoves.  We are waiting on materials to arrive, but in the mean time, volunteers have been working with local youth to facilitate activities at the schools in their communities.  Each week they focus on a different theme such as dental health, nutrition, disease prevention, and conservation of water.  It has been very rewarding to see volunteers’ relationships and interactions with community members develop throughout the summer.

On the weekends it has been fun hanging out at staff house.  I have been enjoying cooking family dinners with other staff members, exploring Oaxaca, and following the world cup.  This weekend we took a staff trip to the movie theater.

It has been exciting hearing about other adventures swimming related or not.  I miss the lovely Wild Bunch and Dalton Pool, and I cannot wait to reconnect with everyone in the fall.

Abrazos fuertes


P.S. I uploaded some pictures from Oaxaca so far.  I hope that everyone enjoys them. There is one of my route ( the volunteers in my four communities), some of La Sierra Norte (where all of the communities are located), and a couple of Oaxaca.



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3 responses to “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. katey

    happy fourth but where are the new pics? they are all the same from last time 😦

  2. David

    How about some more updates from Emma and MacKenzie?

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