And we Thought Dalton was Cold!

*Disclaimer:  If you have ever swam in Dalton Pool at Smith, you will better understand the significance of this post.

This past week at the YMCA has been lots of fun. We were fortunate enough to have the boiler break on us, dropping the temperature of our pool gradually over the course of a few days. Now normally, that would close an average pool relatively soon because they start at a reasonable temperature. But not us! Since the Y hangs out at around 87 degrees, it took a week for the pool to reach 79. That may sound like a warm temperature… it’s not.

For the swim team, it was HEAVEN. We could train harder and not pass out from heat exhaustion. I absolutely loved it!

The swim lessons were a different story… The kids were turning blue, we had to set up a makeshift “hot tub” (kiddie pool with warm water from the hose) on the deck to put the convulsing ones in, and we spent the first 15 minutes of every class going over safety. If I wasn’t so frozen myself, it would have been hilarious.

For my lovely teammates, we can never complain about the temperature of Dalton again 🙂


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