RiverFest 2010

Hi all!

As most of you know, I swam in the Portland RiverFest Marathon swim last Friday (so cool to say that). It was an amazing experience, and I wish all my Bananas could have done it with me! Here’s a rundown of the event:

We started in Oregon City (though that means nothing to most of you), then swam the Willamette River into downtown Portland, ending at Riverplace. It took me 6 hours and 4 minutes and a lot of mental strain to finish, but reaching the end was worth the hurt. Though I don’t have pictures of my exit from the water, I recall feeling very unbalanced as I got out. It’s a strange experience to go from being horizontal for so long to standing up.

Frankly, it was a miserable swim from about Mile 3, onward. I have never before experienced that much pain while swimming, and it’s not something I’m looking forward to again any time soon. However, with proper training and nutrition education (I only drank one water bottle during those 6 hours), these distance swims will get much better I’m sure 🙂

Unfortunately, the water was only 72 degrees and will not count as the 6 hour cold water swim that Emma and I need to qualify for the Channel. We’ll attempt that this fall in the Connecticut River. Anyone want to join us?

I hope all our readers are well, and as for my Smithies, I’ll see you in two weeks!


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