“You can’t walk to France!”

Mountain Day 2010
Mountain Day is a Smith tradition in which the President chooses a beautiful fall day and cancels classes. She rings the bell at 7am, and all Smithies head to the mountains, theoretically…

While other Smithies were enjoying the beautiful New England fall weather, we (along with our teammate and friend Rachel Dean) were plotting ways to swim in the Connecticut River. The weather was fantastic, and we wanted to experience the Connecticut before our six hour swim the weekend of October 17th. We asked Kim, our swim coach, the best place to swim. He graciously dropped us off at the marina on his way to pick up tractor parts, and instructed us in the best course to take. We were swimming by the bank of the river to avoid boats, but it was very shallow. Several times we hit bottom, and at one point we decided to stand up. As we started talking, a crew shell rowed by. The rower shouted to us, “You can’t walk to France!” and we started laughing. We inferred that he had spoken with Kim. We told him our plans, he wished us luck and rowed away. On our return swim, we saw a man standing at the end of the dock. We were concerned that it was the marina owner telling us we were prohibited from swimming there. To our surprise it was Kim, making sure we were okay, and offering us a ride back to campus.

Best Mountain Day EVER.


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One response to ““You can’t walk to France!”

  1. Monica

    So excited to read about your progress – hope to hear that the October 17th swim was a success.

    Keep up the good work, we’re cheering for you!
    -Monica ’02

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