NEWMAC Championships and Life Since January

We’re back! So in the past couple of months, here’s what’s been going on:

NEWMAC Swimming and Diving Championships were this past weekend, and our team had an incredible meet. Two of our divers placed in the finals for both 1-meter and 3-meter, and one even earned a NCAA national qualifying score! We will find out soon if she has been selected to compete. Our swimmers turned in 91% season best times and the team took 8th place overall. With three days of racing, it was a long meet, but we all had a great time and we’re looking forward to doing even better next year.

Also at the meet, we had the great pleasure of meeting two other collegiate swimmers training to swim the Channel this coming august. MIT Juniors Qing Li and Sydney Giblin will be swimming on the second Neap tide, just after our planned crossing. Both Sydney and Qing had an excellent conference meet, and we had a wonderful time cheering them on.

Since the Championship meet ended, we are taking some time off from swimming to recover and catch up on some sleep. However, we intend to pick up unofficial training soon and officially start training for the Channel after Spring Break.



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4 responses to “NEWMAC Championships and Life Since January

  1. David Reim

    Let’s see more pictures.

  2. Clara

    Hey, I saw the article about you guys on the Smith website from Syd and Qing’s blog. (I am the former MIT swimmer whose successful 2008 crossing inspired their attempt.) I was wondering… the article mentioned that you were planning to work up to 30k/day? That seems kind of excessive, but reporters who don’t know the sport well rarely get those sorts of details right, so I was wondering what the deal was there.

    Best of luck to you both, and I will definitely be following your progress through the summer.

    • Hi Clara,

      It’s so great to talk to you, and we’re very excited about Sydney and Qing’s attempt too! As for the yardage, that’s definitely a mix up, but on our part.
      You see, in the archives we found a training schedule for the Smithies who swam the Channel 27 years ago. They had put on there that they wanted to work up to that yardage, and we mentioned it offhand in the interview not realizing how much it actually was. We definitely won’t be doing 30,000 a day 🙂

      Congratulations on your successful crossing, and if you have any advice for us, we’d love to hear more!


  3. Clara

    Gotcha. Yeah, 30k is maybe a good weekly minimum, with an additional long open water swim on the weekend or something. I can’t imagine having to do 30k in a pool… that’s just way too long to be bouncing between walls. 😉

    It sounds like you guys are well on your way… Having a training buddy is definitely helpful. I didn’t have one until June (we swam at the end of July), and it was hard to get my butt in the pool cuz I was having a crazy semester schoolwise. Mallory’s and my blog is still up at, which might be useful for you guys, and feel free to email me at with any questions you might have. There were definitely some things Mal and I could have done to be better prepared, so I’m happy to pass on some advice.

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