Summer at Smith

This is the first installment of our new blogging regimine: weekly updates!

Since our March update, we have submitted all of our documents and received our official CS&PF Membership cards! We passed our physicals and are preparing for the 6-hour swim, which we hope to complete within the next two weeks. Even though the weather’s getting warmer, the river is still quite cold. We would like the temperature to be around 58 or 59 degrees, because that’s a little closer to the temperature the Channel will be this August.

On May 6, we finished our finals and are now one step closer to being Juniors. We’ve been living on campus, hanging out with Seniors before they graduate on Sunday. We’ve been enjoying our free time, catching up on reading and sleep, and of course, swimming daily. Coming up this weekend, we are looking forward to experiencing the many Smith graduation traditions, including Ivy Day, Illuminations, and Commencement. Also this week, the campus will be filled with alums, and we’re hoping to run in to some former Bananas!

Starting next week, we’ll both be working full time, Emma at Executive Education, and Mackenzie at the Women’s Education conference. Come June, we’ll be living close to campus with a professor. We were fortunate to find housing so close to the campus, in exchange for cat sitting on the weekends.

Check out our new workout section, where we’ll upload our weekly sets!


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