Our Situation has Changed

Food Collection

Yesterday, we left you with a rather depressing image of our state of hunger. Now, thanks to some generous donations from our swimming friends in Friedman C2 (Smith’s on-campus apartments), we now have an abundance of food and snacks! Thank you Reyna, Hillary, Elizabeth, and Lenora. We will definitely not go hungry this summer!


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One response to “Our Situation has Changed

  1. Hey!! Sorry for the last reply. I’ve been suuuuper busy/stressed with finals and stuff. I decided the best chance for you guys to see my reply would be to post it on your page.

    Your Connecticut swims, are they for charity? or do you know a boater down there? I know there was a cross the LI sound charity for breast cancer that looks awesome. Anyways, I’d be down for swimming with your you guys in CT. As for training this summer.

    I’m going to be at MIT and I’m joining the Walden Swimming group. They go out to Walden pond every Sat. and Wed. and Nahant on Sun. I was thinking of doing a 10K in the LI sound (I’m from Long Island) but apparently the race organization didn’t get approval this year or something. 😦 I was also originally thinking that we should all do a MIMS relay but I don’t know if that’s closed or not/how much it costs. Poor planning on my part, sorry!!

    If you guys want to take a trip to Boston or anything I know a boater who could take us around the harbour. Good ocean practice. 😀

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