Towing Our Own Boat

This weekend we ventured off to Emma’s hometown, Ledyard, Connecticut, to gain a little experience swimming in the Long Island Sound. Looking forward to a fun, relaxing sunny beach weekend, our friends, teammates and co-workers, Alexis and Ruby, came along for the ride. We left Friday night after a long work week, and drove down to Connecticut. Early Saturday morning, we drove to Avery Point to meet up with Russell Smith, coach of Ledyard Community Rowing and a friend of Emma’s family.

Russell set us up with a row boat and helped us carry it to the beach to launch the boat. A “No Swimming” sign was posted at the beach, but Russell told us not to worry: “You guys aren’t swimming, you are training. Just tell them you are with Russell Smith, and they’ll let you swim.” The weather was overcast and windy, and Alexis and Ruby, each with varying boating experiences, agreed to follow us in the boat as we set off for a rock island off the coast of Avery Point. Although it took some time for them to get a hang of rowing together, they pulled through and made it to the island. We stopped and had some hot chocolate to warm up and get the salty taste out of our mouths. We have realized we will have to spend some more time training in the ocean before we are accustomed to the waves and the salt water, but Saturday was a good start.

The wind got stronger as we headed back to the beach, making it difficult for Alexis and Ruby to row back to the beach. After we reached the beach, Alexis and Ruby were still struggling to make it back to shore. They finally made it to a beach, but it was much farther down than where we started. We had to swim down to the boat, across some private beach property, and tow it back through the water. Though the weather was questionable, we all enjoyed our adventurous beach trip!



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4 responses to “Towing Our Own Boat

  1. KGB

    To the best of my research there is no Channel record for towing a boat across the Channel – after the actual swim, maybe we could just tow one of the pilots boats back for fun. A SPECIAL double Channel crossing 🙂

  2. david reim

    Jack LaLane used to tow a boat when he swam in the Pacific ocean.

  3. scott bradley

    Mack and Emma…fantastic effort. Cannot wait for your swim!

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