So, we’re transferring to MIT…

…but really we just want their pool.

Sorry we’re a bit late on posting about this, but we’ve been super busy this week. Also, we’re just getting behind on the whole posting business…

At any rate, two weekends ago, we got the incredible opportunity to spend a couple days at MIT with swimmers Qing Li and Anna Kokensparger. Qing is training to swim the Channel as well (with teammate Sydney Giblin), and Anna is swimming for the summer with the Harvard masters program. They were awesome hosts and took us to this great beach in Lynn, just outside of Boston.

The Swim: It was cold. The waves were huge. And we were kind of fearing for our lives after Anna made some morbid comments (“I always think I’m going to see a hand float by me in the water”). Other than that, the swim was fun and the waves made it all pretty entertaining after a while. That evening, after a warm shower and a great meal, we got to meet a number of other MIT swimmers, students, and friends from ‘Around the World’.

The following day, we went out for a bonus swim at Revere Beach. The water was significantly warmer and calmer, and the weather was much more pleasant as well. We were kind of burnt out from the previous day, so we didn’t spend all that long in the water, but the beach was beautiful and we all enjoyed the afternoon spent outside on the beach.

Qing and Anna, thanks for having us! If you’re ever interested in swimming out here, give us a call 🙂



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2 responses to “So, we’re transferring to MIT…

  1. 😀 We loved having you both!!

    I went back to Nahant this weekend and the conditions were so much better. haha…It’s all for practice right?

  2. Kelsey Swensen

    It’s so good to hear your training is going well! I miss you both dearly and think of you and your determination often. Keep up the awesome work! Lots of (banana) love.

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