We’re Swimming TODAY!!


We have word from our captains that we will be swimming today. We are doing something a little unorthodox and will be starting at about noon and swimming into the night, finishing on the French coast sometime around midnight or early Saturday morning.

Here’s the link for the tracker.

Tracker 1: Gallivant

Tracker 2: Sea Satin

Emma will be on Gallivant and Mackenzie will be on Sea Satin.

We will be ‘channeling’ all of your positive thoughts! Best, Emma and Mackenzie



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18 responses to “We’re Swimming TODAY!!

  1. Sarah Fabiny

    Good luck and godspeed! It was a pleasure meeting you the other night.

  2. Karen B

    Yahoo! Go Bananas- you are ready to roll. We all back here will be thinking of you all day! Karen B

  3. Kiara Gomez


  4. Kitty

    Have a fabulous swim!!

  5. Melissa and Dan Tetreault

    Go girls – we are so proud of you!

    Melissa and Dan Tetreault

  6. Meri Hoverman

    You are both amazing!!

  7. Kathy Hall

    Keeping you both in our thoughts as we gaze at your dots on the tracking!
    Exec Ed

  8. Libby Dutton

    Good luck! I’m tracking every 30 minutes and it’s so exciting! GET IT!

  9. Rebecca Chazin


  10. You guys are doing a fabulous job! I’m watching from Brooklyn, and sending good thoughts!

  11. Smith Club of GB

    The Smith Club of GB is right there with you!!! Tracking your movements and sending you every good wish.

  12. Pat vial

    Go McKenzie! We love you and are praying for you. Enjoy the journey. We all are following you with excitement. You go girl!!!!!

  13. Jill Applegate

    You go girls!! So excited for you and sad we couldn’t get there to watch. Tear it up…we’ll track you as best we can from Ireland. Hugs!!

  14. Camille O'Bryant

    Definitely sending tons of love and energy your way from San Luis Obispo, CA! Go Bananas!!!

  15. charles reim

    i have been glued to the computer,GO EMMA!!!!!!

  16. Kathy

    11 hours in and going strong! Keep it up, you two!

  17. Melissa and Dan Tetreault

    You girls are amazing! I am so proud of your accomplishments. We know 2 ladies that are doing it!

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