New Channel friends on Dover Beach

Mackenzie, Emma, and Kim with Dover Castle

Ignoring Kim's pep talk? Never...

Matthew Webb: first person to swim the Channel

Before departure from Dover Harbor

Mackenzie's Crew

Emma is finished!

The most painful hug ever. Completely worth it

Emma swimming

Kim doing the Coach thing

Signing the ceiling of the White Horse Pub

Mackenzie swimming next to a ferry


500 yd free at Seven Sisters Championships. Mackenzie (left), Emma (right)

Mackenzie around mile 3

Support Team #1

Smith College Swimming and Diving 2010-2011

The Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch prepares for a meet

Puerto Rico training trip

Old San Juan on our afternoon off with Kim

Mackenzie 200 fly vs. Wellesley

Puzzle Night

Thanksgiving Break

Home opener vs. Springfield

Ice bath experiment

Seven Sisters Championship at Wellesley

The Wild Bunch Cheering on Mackenzie during the 200yd fly

Lynn Beach with our new friend Qing! She's from MIT and swimming the Channel too!

Swimming at Lake Raponda in Maine

The Long Island Sound in Connecticut

Seven Sisters!

Fourth of July Weekend at Lynn Beach. So many people!


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